Organic Ingredients, Free Range Eggs, Local Meats, Grass Fed Beef, No GMO’s, No Nitrates
Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free Choices
Menu Key: V=Vegan, ask V=made vegan upon request, Vg=Vegetarian, GF=gluten free menu item, ask GF=made gluten free upon request

Breakfast – Served All Day

  • Hippy Porridge  cup 4.75  bowl 7.50  V, Vg, GF
    oats, vanilla almond milk, flax, almonds, grapes, coconut cream, cinnamon
  • Banana Buckwheat Pancakes 1 – 3.50   2 – 7.00   3 – 10.50 Vg, GF
    served with organic butter & real maple syrup – add chocolate chips, blueberries, or pecans 1.20
  • Pancake Combo  10.50  Vg, GF
    1 banana buckwheat pancake, 2 eggs, choice of hash browns*, add bacon or sausage 2.75
  • Veggie Breakfast Burrito  8.00  Vg, Ask GF
    eggs, greens, black beans, red pepper, onion, mushroom, cashew cheese, side of red sauce
  • Meaty Breakfast Burrito 10.00 Ask GF  “Veggie Breakfast Burrito” with sausage, side of red sauce
  • Vegan Breakfast Burrito  9.00  Vg, V, Ask GF  “Veggie Breakfast Burrito” with seasoned tofu scramble substituted for egg, side of red sauce
  • Munster Burrito  10.00  Ask GF  egg, bacon, muenster cheese, mushrooms, side of homemade salsa
  • Sausage Burrito Scramble 8.50 Ask GF  egg, sausage, cheese, red pepper, side of red sauce
  • Breakfast Sandwich  7.99  Ask GF
    egg, bacon, muenster cheese, sourdough bread, choice of hash browns*
  • Breakfast Bowl  11.00  Vg, GF
    greens, black beans, red pepper, onion, mushroom, squash, zucchini, tomato, white cheddar, topped with an egg and choice of hash browns* add bacon or sausage 2.75 add avocado 1.50 add kimchi    1.50
  • Vegan Bowl  11.00  Vg, V, GF
    greens, black beans, red pepper, onion, mushroom, squash, zucchini, tomato, cashew cheese, topped with seasoned tofu scramble and choice of hash browns*, add avocado 1.50 add kimchi 1.50 add walnut/carrot meat 2.75
  • French Toast  full(4) 8.50  half(2) 5.50  Vg, Ask GF
    thick cut Delano sourdough, topped with organic berries, butter, & syrup
  • Vegan French Toast  full(4) 8.50  half(2) 5.25  Vg, V, Ask GF
    thick cut Delano sourdough, topped with organic berries, vegan butter, & syrup
  • BDC Omelette  10.50  Vg, GF
    squash, zucchini, onion, mushroom, spinach, tomato, white cheddar, choice of hash browns*
  • Meaty Omelette 13.00 GF  bacon, ham, white cheddar, choice of hash browns*
  • 2 Eggs, Toast & Hash  8.40 Vg, ask V, ask GF  farm fresh eggs, local 5 grain bread, choice of hash browns*, add bacon or sausage 2.75, add cheese .99
  • Avocado Toast 8.75 Vg, ask V, ask GF local 5 grain, sliced avocado, 1 egg your way, spinach, tomato, vegan mayo
  • Ranchero Eggs 9.00 Vg, ask V, GF eggs your way, sauteed greens, black beans, tomato, red pepper, homemade salsa, served over chips, add avocado 1.50 add cheese .99 add bacon or sausage 2.75
  • Enchilada 8.20 Vg, ask Vg, ask GF sauteed greens, black beans, tomato, mushroom, onion, whole wheat tortilla, topped w/ and egg your way (or substitute for seasoned tofu scramble), red sauce, and cashew cheese
  • Biscuits & Gravy — (Saturdays & Sundays ONLY) —     Full (2 biscuits) 8.75  Half (1 biscuit) 5.25 multi-grain hearty biscuits served with sausage gravy
  • Vegan Biscuits & Gravy (Sat & Sundays ONLY) Vg, V     Full (2 biscuits) 8.75  Half (1 biscuit) 5.25 multi-grain hearty biscuits served with mushroom gravy

*Choice of Hash Browns: Regular Potato (w/ grilled purple cabbage & onions on side), Sweet Potato (limited availability), or Grilled Cabbage & Onions (low-carb/keto option)

Breakfast Sides 

Egg  1.59 each
Hash Browns  2.29
Toast  .99
Bacon  1.25 each
Sausage  2.00 each

Lunch – Served at 10:30

Appetizers  half cup 4.99  cup 8.99

  • Hummus  V, Vg  with fresh pita and quinoa chips (upgrade to raw veggies)

Soups  cup 4.50  bowl 7.00  with toasted sourdough  Ask GF

  • Sweet Potato Curry  V, Vg, GF

Rotating and seasonal:

  • Potato Spinach Leek  V, Vg, GF
  • Lentil Vegetable  V, Vg, GF
  • Hearty Chicken Noodle
  • Mom’s Stew
  • Vegan Chili V, Vg, GF
  • Creamy Tomato V, Vg, GF

Sides  half cup 2.50  cup  5.00

Kraut  V, Vg
Kimchi  V, Vg
Mint Fruit Salad  V, GF
Potato Salad  V, GF
Carrot Beet Spark  V, Vg, GF
Seasonal Specials see display case

Sandwiches  served with kettle potato chips or garden salad*, may substitute to another side with an up-charge

*Choice of salad dressing: maple mustard (v), cashew ranch (v), honey lime (v), red wine vinaigrette (v)

  • Ruby Sue  full 10.99  half 7.99  Ask GF
    shredded turkey, kraut, white cheddar, maple mustard dressing, marbled rye
  • B.L.A.S.T.  full 9.90  half 6.99  Ask Gf
    bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, guacamole, 5 grain
  • Grilled Veggie  full 9.99  half 6.99  Ask V, Ask GF
    zucchini, squash, mushroom, eggplant, red pepper, tomato, onion, garden basil pesto, muenster, sunflower seeds, sourdough
  • Green Street  full 7.99 half 4.99 Vg, Ask GF, Ask V
    cucumber, greens, radish, guacamole, muenster, sunflower seeds, whole wheat
  • Grass Fed Burger  10.45  Ask GF  –  add mushroom or cheddar .99
    grilled onion, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mayo, mustard
  • Veggie Burger  9.29  V, Vg, Ask GF
    vegan patty made from quinoa, sweet potato, and black beans, topped with guacamole, vegan mayo, lettuce, tomato

Served as is (add your favorite side!):

  • Grilled 3 Cheese  full 9.50 half 6.99 Vg
    white cheddar, feta, muenster, grilled onion, mushroom & spinach, thick cut toasted sourdough
  • Rawcos  full(3) 12.00  half(2) 8.00   V, Vg, GF
    Romaine shells, walnut and carrot meat, cashew cheese, salsa
    served with chips and salsa
  • Veggie Pita Wrap  6.99  V, Vg
    zucchini, squash, onion, tomato, jalapeno, pesto, hummus
  • Spicy Vegan Quesadilla  7.99 V, Vg, Ask GF
    red pepper, spinach, mushroom, onion, jalapeno, homemade cashew cheese
  • Big Bird Pita Wrap  8.00
    pulled turkey, adobo sauce, hummus, lettuce & tomato, wrapped in grilled

Salads  served with grilled sourdough   Ask GF

  • Beautiful Day Chef  full 12.50  half 8.00
    mixed greens, cucumber, red pepper, ham, egg, cheese curds, cashew ranch
  • Keen On Kale  full 12.50  half 8.00
    with apple, feta, raisin, carrot beet spark, maple mustard vin
  • Radically Beautiful  full 10.99  half 6.99
    mixed greens, radish, carrot, apple, mozzarella, turkey, honey lime vinaigrette
  • Garden Salad  small 5.00  large 7.50
    mixed greens, carrot, cabbage with your choice of dressing

Smoothies  (8oz) 5.99 (12oz) 8.99

  • Berry “Cocoa” Nut vanilla almond milk, banana, blueberries, almond butter, dark cocoa powder
  • Sunshine coconut cream, banana, strawberry, pineapple, mango
  • Green Goddess vanilla almond milk, banana, avocado, spinach parsley

Fresh Pressed Juices (8oz) 6.99 (12oz) 8.99

  • Citrus Sunrise apple, orange, lemon, ginger
  • Grasshopper cucumber, apple, lemon, spinach
  • Just Beet It beet, orange, carrot, ginger

Coffee and Teas served with organic 1/2 & 1/2, almond milk, sugar, Xylitol, Monk Fruit in the Raw, honey, & agave

Cold Brew, Latte and Iced Lattes with your choice of organic whole milk, almond milks, soy milk, and coconut milk

Specialty Coffees & Teas

  • Hot Coffee & Tea Bar 3.00 in-house, all-you-can-drink
  • Iced Tea 3.00 black jasmine or sweet & spicy (no sugar)
  • Butter Coffee smooth & silky 4.75 irish butter, coconut oil, agave, vanilla
  • Lattes (12oz) 4.75 (20oz) 6.75 hot or iced choose you milk: vanilla almond, unsweetened almond, whole milk, ½ & ½  (Breve +3.00) choose your sweetener: vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, chocolate, pumpkin spice, amaretto, agave, honey, stevia, monk fruit
  • Chai Latte (12oz) 4.75 (20oz) 8.50  hot or iced black tea, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom, + milk
  • Dirty Chai Latte (12oz) 6.00 (20oz) 7.75 hot or iced“Chai Latte” with espresso
  • London Fog 4.75 earl grey tea with bergamot and steamed milk
  • Cold Brew Iced Coffee   (12oz) 4.00 (20oz) 6.50 cold brew espresso, water, splash of milk, choose sweetener
  • Cold Brew Iced Latte (12oz) 4.75 (20oz) 6.75 cold brew espresso, milk, choose your flavor/sweetener
  • Hot Chocolate 3.25
  • Iced Tea Black Jasmine, Sweet & Spicy Cinnamon – You won’t believe it’s sugar free!

Kids Menu

  • Kid Combo 4.99 2 mini banana buckwheat pancakes, 1 egg, hash browns
  • Kid Classic 4.99 fruit, 1 egg, hash browns
  • PB&J Full 4.99 Half 3.00 5 grain bread, PB or Almond Butter, choice of jelly: grape, strawberry, apricot, mixed berry
  • Grilled Cheese Full 6.99 Half 3.99 5 grain bread, muenster, served w kettle chips or side salad
  • Turkey Sandwich Full 7.99 Half 4.99 5 grain bread, shredded turkey, cheese, served with kettle chips or side salad
  • Quesadilla 4.99 whole wheat tortilla, cheese, spinach, fruit

Mini Desserts and Organic Bottled Drinks too! (call in for available options)


Have a beautiful day!

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