Kickstarter Update #3

10353028_754990727888348_5838097542957290219_nNo surprise, but this is a lot of work! Running this campaign, the remodel on the building, and a massive list of other details have spurred some vital conversation-why are we doing this again? The answer was obvious. For the earth, for the community, for the love of good food and healthy bodies and beautiful people.

Can one small cafe turn the tide of gmo foods, pesticides, herbicides, hydrogenated fats, and all the poor nutrition that is keeping the world sick and hungry? No. But it can make a difference to someone, to a block, a neighborhood, a community, even a state.

The dream of Beautiful Day Cafe is about creating connections. We’ve had the honor of meeting and learning about hundreds of Kansas farmers who want to grow organic, who want to honor the earth and the beings upon it.Beautiful Day Cafe will become a major consumer of their products, allowing those farms and those practices to keep growing, but we can’t do it without you.

Let’s support the farmers, love the earth, and eat for energy!

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