Kickstarter Update #3 – We Need YOU!

So what’s this thing all about anyway? You know that Beautiful Day Cafe is a restaurant opening in Spring of 2015, but what’s all this Kickstarter stuff?

Beautiful Day Cafe is the dream of Charolett Knapic, founder and owner of Echo Landscapes. She has been planning, analyzing, and setting aside for BDC for more than seven years; now it’s finally on the brink of happening. The property has been purchased and is being remodeled right now, operating capital for the first year is in place, and Kansas farmers and ranchers are ready to supply their goods. So what’s left? A range/oven and hood, three freezers, and three coolers.

The building has been purchased and first year operating costs are covered. Our overhead is low, and drive to succeed is high. The heart of the cafe, the kitchen, will cost $40,000. Half of that will be raised through private investors through Echo Landscapes, and the other half is what we are asking for from you. Can Wichita pull together to raise $20,000 to start a locally sourced, organic, vegan friendly, healthy and delicious cafe? Our bet is yes we can!

If 680 people gave $25, we would make it. If you can contribute anything from $1 to $1000, click below and contribute now. THANK YOU!


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