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Let’s build a kitchen!

The building and garden space are secured and remodeling is underway, operating capital is in place, now all we need is a stove, a cooler and a freezer. Let’s get this kitchen Kickstarted!

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At Beautiful Day Cafe we strive to marry old world wisdom with modern knowledge to lovingly produce and serve the brightest, healthiest, best tasting food on the planet.

* This means developing close relationships with our suppliers.

peach farmer* It means developing sustainable practices that leave our land in better condition than when we started.

* Our fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains will be grown with organic practices.

* The animals used to supply our meats, dairy and eggs are treated respectfully, living in clean conditions and free of unnecessary chemicals.

* It means knowing that our bottom line doesn’t stop with our profit margin but with the total impact we have on our environment and all of us who live in it.


I want a great place to eat where I know the food is as clean and real as possible. I don’t always have time to prepare fresh energy-rich foods to keep me healthy and feeling good. Beautiful Day Cafe is an investment in my future as well as yours. If we feel good, we can accomplish our dreams.

I want to share sustainable practices as we host classes and workshops in the neighboring Green Street Permaculture Garden, located at the corner of Green Street and Central Avenue. The garden will be one of the primary sources of Beautiful Day Cafe’s produce, and we’ll be adding a hen house, greenhouse and garage that will allow us to bring the business into a sustainable and green ecosystem while also sharing knowledge and experience with the community around us.

It’s exciting to learn alternative safe ways of doing and building things.


Beautiful Day Cafe sees itself as a community link for conscious living. We’ll incorporate practices that regenerate wholeness and create purpose in our daily lives throughout the building and management of Beautiful Day Cafe, the Green Street Permaculture Garden, composting sites, hen house, water feature, fireplace, greenhouse and garage.


I have secured the property, saved money for building and remodeling, and am using Echo Landscapes profits to cover operating capital. Our final leap is kitchen equipment — and that’s what this fundraiser is for. We still need $15,000 for the range/oven set-up and $5,000 for the coolers, with your help we’ll be able to take that final step and open the doors of Beautiful Day Cafe in January 2015.

Donate Now!

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