Grand Opening – May 30th!

Seven years of planning and more than a year of work on the building at 2516 E. Central have now come to fruition-Beautiful Day Cafe will be opening May 30th!

Come by and enjoy live music, delicious food, and our gratitude.

The inspiration for Beautiful Day Café is woven into a tapestry rich with gardens and small-town cafes. It is more than a nod to the farm-to-table, slow meal and locavore movements – it is a community of neighbors committed to incorporating all of those values into their daily lives.  It is equal parts homespun tradition (using the freshest and closest ingredients) and common sense – all mixed up with some fine skills in the kitchen.

The Beautiful Day Cafe seasonal menus will be founded in organic practices. Whenever possible we will source from local and regional farmers and fair/direct trade cooperatives. Our primary focus will be divided between providing healthy, delicious meals (good for the body and the planet) and sharing this information with the community.

A natural extension of the Café is the Green Street Permaculture Garden (adjacent to our building at the intersection of Green and Central.) The foundation for this garden has been meticulously laid by a growing army of volunteers, and when at full production will allow us to fill your plates with our bounty. In the interim, it serves as the classroom where we can practice, and teach, sustainable, natural land practices.

This community of volunteers speaks to a much greater void that Beautiful Day Café is filling. It is so much more than a place to grab a bite to eat. Charolett Knapic and her team of imagineers have built a clubhouse where playing along is encouraged and the community has rallied around the dream with great support.

Beautiful Day Cafe sees itself as a community link for conscious living. We’ll incorporate practices that regenerate wholeness and create purpose in our daily lives throughout the building and management of Beautiful Day Cafe, the Green Street Permaculture Garden, composting sites, hen house, water feature, fireplace, greenhouse and garage.

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